I headed a rally in Cleveland OH on 4/25/15, I would like all horse lovers to join our team to help bring awareness to this horrific destruction of our wild horses and public lands. The lands should be preserved for the wild life and not be leased or sold to cattle and sheep ranchers, mining, including fracking, etc. The roundup, capture, and upkeep of the horses held in holding facilities are funded by tax dollars. Most of the public do not agree with the way the BLM treats the wild horses and believe that they aren’t abiding by the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burro Act. The Burns Amendment allows the BLM to offer a horse for adoption, if the horse isn’t adopted in three attempts, the horse can be sold without restrictions. The adoption application, adoption dates, adoption sites, and dates for pickup at the facilities make it hard for the public to adopt. Yet when kill buyers are now allowed to purchase without restrictions, many if not all end up in a trailer heading across the boarder to be slaughtered. The horses are mistreated, abused, and meet a painful and horrible death. The abuse starts the day of the round ups, as the horses are chased for long distances by a helicopter. The people contracted to do the round ups don’t care if it is freezing cold, if the horse is young, old, or pregnant, there is a bounty on each one that is gathered. They separate the stallions, mares, and foals, breaking up their family bands. The horses are then corralled and shocked, shoved, and abused until they load into a trailer. Then the horses are forcefully given brands, shots, PZP, or other treatment. All payed for by our tax dollars so that the cattle, oil, and special interest groups can have the land. The BLM is feeding the slaughter industry too by these practices. We all lose when our public lands and the wild animals that live there are taken away. Not only is this unjust for the wild horses and burros, it is not good stewardship of the public lands. The cattle and sheep ranchers cause damage to the foliage and pollute the water ways by overgrazing, the big oil damage the land, damage the water, destroy the foliage, and make a profit.

The racing industry over-breed and feed the slaughter industry by getting rid of their injured, mares too old to produce foals, studs too old to breed, creating nurse mares and getting rid of the nurse mare’s newborn by slaughter just so the mare can foster a race horse foal.

The Auction houses should be accountable for the sick, elderly or injured horses that are allowed to leave the Auction in trailers heading for the boarder. These trailers are packed full with the injured, young, or old being trampled on. The horse trailer drivers should be required to get a special license endorsement to be able to transport live animals and be held accountable for the welfare of the animals. It should be unlawful to pack them like sardines and not let them out for water or feed for 48 hours or more. It should also be unlawful to sell pregnant mares that sometimes give birth in the feed lot. They should be accountable for the death or abandonment of the foals that are born.

Horses are not livestock, they are not intended for human consumption. Horses are given vaccinations and pain medicines that are not safe for human consumption. If we care so much about the welfare of the worlds children why does the practice of feeding other countries tainted horse meat go unchecked? Horses are not even governed under the Country of Origin Labeling, whereas cattle, sheep, lamb, swine, chicken, and other livestock, including eggs, transported over the boarder have to have the origin of the livestock clearly on the paperwork and any packaging.

Many issues are effected by this horrible slaughter industry.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Jetara Séhart of LoveWildHorses.org

“The horses are suffering at the BLM PVC, Nevada facility now and soon temperatures will rise…”

photo by Patty Bumgarner photo by Patty Bumgarner

Approximately, three years ago in Reno, Nevada, The Bureau Of Land Management held a workshop to discuss whether horses held within their facilities required shelter, or not to survive. The introduction of this workshop, stemmed to appease public outrage surrounding the BLM facility located near Burning Mans’ land and near Reno, the Palomino Valley Center, in Nevada and stemmed from the photographic evidence of wild horses, dying and suffering in extreme heat with no way to escape searing hot, deadly desert Sun’s rays, held behind bars in the BLM facility.

Sunday, Patty Bumgarner, Nevada citizen and wild horse photographer visited the Palomino Valley Center and what she witnessed was heart wrenching.

Bumgarner, watched many horses coughing and noticed still only one water trough is…

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