Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild



Equine Issues Letter to Sherrod Brown

Equine issues aren’t utmost on the minds of the American people and our political leaders. Most people do not know how their tax dollars are being spent poorly by the Bureau of Land Management to manage the Public Lands and the Wild Mustang Herds. The Round Ups are costly as the BLM hires a team with a helicopter to chase the horses for miles, injuring and killing some during the gather. The wild horses are placed in a pen, where they are sorted, separated by sex and age. Breaking up the family herd, including breaking up mares and foals. The horses are then shocked with cattle prods, whipped, roped, and forced into over crowded trailers. The abuse doesn’t end once they arrive at the holding facility. The wild horses are then forced into a squeeze shoot, branded, cataloged, given vet check, etc. The horses are terrified, hurt, and not given pain medication for procedures such as branding, gelding, or a painful injury. Horse advocates are now not allowed to view the round ups or these procedures because they have filmed this abuse and torture. Besides the fact that Public Lands are being mismanaged and destroyed by the decisions made by the BLM. See for more information.

Horses are stored in holding facilities, paid for by our tax dollars. Some of the facilities are overcrowded and do not have proper shade. I have seen pictures of the holding pastures in which the horses are standing on bare ground, all the hay is gone (note horses graze a majority of the time they are awake in the wild), not enough watering troughs available.

BLM adoption program is difficult, the availability dates, pick up locations, adoption requirements are strict. Adoption rules include that a 3 sided shelter must be provided, a rule that the holding facilities do not have to follow. The amount of horses v. the amount available for adoption is questionable. Some of the horses offered for adoption had been born in the facility and now are a couple of years old. There is no accountability of how many horses per facility, how many have been adopted by private owners, how many have died or given birth, how many have been sold to auction, etc.

Auction horses waiting at the lots in the (Kill Pen) are also neglected, starved, abused, and not provided adequate water and food. Transportation of the horses is also unsafe, cruel, and not properly regulated. The horses are bought at Auction and transported across the borders to slaughter plants where they are again abused, injured, killed, or not given food or water for long periods of time. Pregnant horses have given birth, or are close to giving birth, and still no consideration for the animals’ welfare is taken into consideration.